Tuesdays With Writers
August 4th, 7 pm
@ the South Mill
48th & Prescott
Lincoln, NE

this month: writer Taylor Mignon

Taylor Mignon is a member of Japan's most aesthetically progressive poetry groups: Sei-en (Blue flame) and gui.

Taylor wrote for the website Poetry/About Museletter as Japan correspondent from 2001 - 2003. He was consulting editor for Prairie Schooner’s Contemporary Writing from Japan issue and wrote the column “Poetry Mignette” for The Japan Times from August 1999 to April 2001. He published a bilingual book of mostly poetry called Poesie Yaponesia in 2001, has been establishing his reputation as a translator, and as poet is serving under the tutelage of Japanese works.
His translations of poems by Torii Shozo can be found online at sendecki.com, generator press, milk magazine and assemblylanguage.com. Papyrus-based publications containing Torii translations are Poetry Kanto and Faces in the Crowds: A Tokyo International Anthology, (ed. Hillel Wright, Printed Matter Press, 2002). He is advising for a special section on Japanese poetry in an upcoming issue of the Canadian journal Vallum.
Taylor currently lives in Japan with his wife and 7-year old daughter. He is a graduate of Lincoln Southeast High.

The September 1st reading for Tuesdays with Writers will be a trio of Lincoln writers: Amy Plettner, Becky Faber, and Deborah McGinn

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