Tuesday, October 2nd, 7pm - Tuesdays With Writers presents:
Shoshana Sumrall Frerking and Marilyn Dorf

Marilyn Dorf grew up on the farm her great grandparents homesteaded in Boone County, Nebraska where, as only child, she spent much time reading and exploring nature. Her writing has appeared in various publications, including Kansas Quarterly, Willow Review, Mankato Poetry Review, Plainsongs, Northeast, South Dakota Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Potpourri, The Christian Science Monitor, Nebraska Life, Plains Song Review, Timber Creek Review, Echoes, Avocet, 10x3 plus, and Platte Valley Review, as well as the anthologies Times of Sorrow/Times of Grace, Crazy Woman Creek, Nebraska Presence, and the forthcoming Untidy Seasons. She has received several prizes for her short fiction in the Annual Bess Streeter Aldrich Short Story competition, and is the author of five chapbooks: A Tribute to Buttons — A Beautiful Friend, Windmills Walk the Night, Of Hoopoes and Hummingbirds, I Know That An Owl Owns This Sky, and This Red Hill (Juniper Press, 2003). She lives in Lincoln with her cat, dog, computer, and a houseful of books.

When Shoshana Sumrall Frerking was five years old, a giant yellow lizard informed her he was going to gobble her up. In the morning, even knowing it had only been a nightmare, she was still terrified of being alone. When her mom finally asked what was wrong, Shoshana, embarrassed, explained about the bad dream. Her mom grabbed a broom. "Where is he right now?" she demanded. Together, they searched every room, and even looked outside in the farmyard. Coming back in, Shoshana suddenly pointed into a dark closet. "There he is!" Down crashed the broom, again and again, until the yellow lizard lay dead with his brains leaking out his ears. Mother and daughter cleaned up the mess and hauled the corpse out to the trash burner.

Shoshana's mother has always been her hero and inspiration to keep creating.

Shoshana grew up on a farm in western Nebraska, and now enjoys a career as a technical writer. Shoshana’s short fiction has been published in Deviant Minds, LAURUS Magazine, Plains Song Review,Fine Lines Journal, Paradigm, LITnIMAGE, and SNReview. A graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Shoshana lives in Lincoln with her husband, Todd, oldest stepson, Drew, and their three cats, Misery, Granger, and Mac.

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