we are saddend to announce that Barbara Rixstine, of the Lincoln Libraries, and a fellow writer, has passed away. She died of complications from her cancer on Friday, February 22nd.  

Tuesday with Writers
March 4th, 2013, 7 pm 
at the South Mill
48th & Prescott, Lincoln
tonite: the Lincoln High
Slam Poetry Team!!!
We are proud to announce the 2013
Louder Than a Bomb
Lincoln High School Slam Poetry Team
(there will be four individual performances, and a four-person group slam piece)

In alphabetical order:

Lillian Bornstein
Reagan Myers
Rawson Ngoh
Elaine Samsel
Itahi Sanchez
Paul Schack
Katherine Stangl
Natalie Wiebelhaus

Charlie Curtis-Beard
Bobbi Dyas

Thanks to our judges:
Jen Davis-Korn, Eric Holt, Charlene Neely and Rex Walton

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Tuesdays with Writers

February 5th, 7pm, at the South Mill

48th and Prescott, Lincoln

Becky Faber, Charlene Neely, J Kirk Brown

Becky Faber is actively involved with her profession, as well as writing poetry, short essays and stories, and papers and treatises on Willa Cather. She alsohas a long history of working with students. For ten years she was a high school English teacher, then taught for the English Department at UNL while completing her Ph.D. For four years following that, she served as an Academic Adviser for the College of Arts and Sciences. In 2000 she joined Career Services as the Assistant-Director for Education and serves as the liaison to the College of Education &Human Sciences, Graduate Studies, and the Honors Program. She has been cited 5 times for Contributions to Students by the Parents Association, received a “People Who Inspire” award from Mortar Board, and has received awards from the American Association for Employment in Education for Outstanding New Member in Career Services (2005) and Innovative Programs & Practices (2008). She is currently serving on the AAEE Board as secretary, having previously served as a District Senator. She is also a Fellow for the Center for Great Plains Studies and a Board member for the Nebraska Center for the Book.

CHARLENE NEELY has spent most of her life in Lincoln except for a short time spent in small towns in SouthEast Nebraska and a five-year stint across the river in Iowa. Her poems have appeared in such publications as Muse, Celebrate, Plains Song Review, Plainsongs and Up Against the Wall, Mother among others. Her poems have been included in the anthologies Nebraska Presence; Times of Sorrow, Times of Grace; Perceptions from Nowhere; Dreams for our Daughters and Songs for the Granddaughters. She has participated in presenting programs to schools for twelve years. She has participated in many readings including the John H. Ames Reading Series for the Lincoln City Libraries.Kirk Brown has been actively seeking a more involved and succinct writing style for a number of years now, reading at local venues, and writing weekly and almost daily for over 10 years - also, he has served as Nebraska’s Solicitor General since 2003. He previously served as the Nebraska Department of Justice’s Chief of the Criminal Bureau, Chief of the Criminal Appellate Section, and Chief of the Civil Litigation Section. For more than 28 years, Brown has been Nebraska’s primary counsel in capital cases and was counsel of record in Nebraska’s three, most recent executions: State v. Otey (1994); State v. Joubert (1996); and State v. Williams (1997).  Brown also spent six years as the general counsel to the Texas Department of Corrections. There he witnessed more than 20 executions. While in Texas, he also was seated as a juror in a capital murder trial, State of Texas v. Jesse Dewayne Jacobs.  A graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Law (1973), Brown has lectured nationally on the death penalty, appellate practice, federal habeas corpus, and corrections law.

March: Lincoln High School Slam Poets 
April: Marge Saiser
May: "Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence" many readers from the book (Blue Light Press, 2013)
June: Lucky Adkins, Becky Breed and their new book
July: Tuesdays With Writers 14th Birthday party group reading
BARBARA RIXSTINE, BETTY STEVENS AND KARLA DECKER ..... as of February 22nd, Barbara passed away ... 
let me know if you or your group would like to read: dmcginn@inebraska.com