the May 4th TUESDAYs With WRITERS group read was a SUCCESS!! We had 19 different writers ( or maybe 18 different writers, and one with two VERY clever disguises!!) read short stories, poems, and essays !! Thanks to ALL who came out!!

for June,
or more particularly,
Tuesday, June 1st, at 7pm --
we will have
the writing group Chaparral Poets

-- come out for a fine time, and open mike after!!!!

and, on July 6th-- the 12th birthday of Tuesdays With Writers - a group read - get your name in to Deborah ( ) to read with us!

August 3rd: Rex W, Becky F, Amy P, Jen-DK, Deborah M.

and on September 7th -- Heidi Hermanson, of Omaha, reading for us!!