Every first Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m.
@ the South Mill
48th & Prescott, Lincoln, NE

a message from Deborah McGinn:

Tuesdays With Writers is going strong at eleven years and as a community of writers, we are thrilled about it. We meet the first Tuesday of every month at The South Mill in the College View area on South 47th and Prescott. Time is 7-8 p.m. Host Reader(s) and an open mic until near 9 p.m. Perhaps you love to read and yearn for a creative outlet of your own. Perhaps you also write and are willing to shed the fear of sharing with others. Perhaps you do not have a writing community and you'd like a source of inspiration. Come see what's happening and make yourselves at home

... Spread the word to others if you can.

Deborah McGinn, Founder

Here is the latest list for Tuesdays with Writers:

Feb. 2: Lincoln High and East High reading poetry. Come hear some talented youth who will make you proud and happy!!

March 2: "F" Street Writers Group (c/o Terry Oberst), with open mic.

April 6: Marge Saiser, with open mic.

May 4: Maureen and her group called "Writers Block", with open mic.

June 8: the Chaparral Poets

July 6: 12th Birthday for Tuesdays With Writers and a group read! Everyone who wants to reads 1-2 poems or 3-4 minutes worth, PLEASE contact Deborah at dmcginn@lps.org ( It can be short prose as well ) !!

August 3: A Gaggle of Writers Coming! As soon as they gaggle!

Sept. 7: Heidi Hermanson from Omaha, with open mic.

Deborah McGinn

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