Deborah McGinn, manager of Tuesdays with Writers, sent us a note:

I would like to thank Deb Walz, Charlene Neely, Karla Decker, Lucy Adkins, Barabara Salvatore and Marilyn Dorf for coming to Lincoln High when I was sick and without a voice to assist me with Creative Writing for one period.  I do not know what I would have done without you.  I was in complete awe while each of you were leading these attentive and gracious learners.  My students and I appreciated your fine writing and reading.  They walk away with a multiple perspectives on poetry, narrative, and fiction— and that my friends, is a true gift.  I have Slam Poetry t. shirts to give you as a symbol of our gratitude.  I will bring them to the next Tuesdays With Writers.  I will never forget your generosity.
Building the Tuesdays With Writers List for Upcoming Shows.  Please let me know if you or your group would like to book a show for the rest of 2013 and 2014.

June:  The readers and editors from Writing in Community Say Goodbye to Writer's Block and Transform Your Life

July will be open microphone for all those celebrating our 14th Birthday Reading.  Please send me your names as soon as you can if you want to participate.  As always, I will have a big sheet cake and WE will take the house of The South Mill off it's hinges!  

August:  OPEN 

September:  Twyla Hansen and Karen Shoemaker

October:  Paul Dickey and his new book

November:  OPEN

December:  A group Holiday Reading open to all writers who want to share.  

January:  OPEN

Feb.:  OPEN

March:  OPEN

April:  The Lincoln High Slam Poetry Team and possibly other Lincoln schools preparing for the State Championship "Louder Than a Bomb"

May:  OPEN

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