Tuesday, June 3rd-- 7pm, Tuesdays with Writers at The South Mill (4736 Prescott, just west of 48th and Prescott, Lincoln). 

tonight: Becky Breed and Lucy Adkins
with their new book
Writing in Community:Say Goodbye to Writer's Block and Transform Your Life

Becky (pictured on left), a veteran educator, poet, and essayist, attributes the support of her writing community for inspiring her to craft the most honest and authentic writing of her life. She has an Ed.D. in Education, and in addition to helping develop a series of creativity workshops for women on the prairie, has taught at the university level, and served as principal at an alternative high school. Her passions involve helping the marginalized–young people, women, minorities–find their voices and articulate new visions of the future.

Lucy (pictured on right) grew up in rural Nebraska, attended country schools, and received her degree from Auburn University in Alabama. Her poetry has been published in various journals and magazines which include Rhino, Northeast, South Dakota Review, Concho River Review, and the anthologies Woven on the Wind, Times of Sorrow/Times of Grace, Crazy Woman Creek, and the Poets Against the War anthology. Her chapbook, One Life Shining: Addie Finch, Farmwife, was published in 2007 by Pudding House Press.
see: http://writeincommunity.com/

Deborah also says: Nebraska Writers with work in this book are: 

 Zoya Zeman, Rex Walton, T. Marni Vos, Sarah Thomas, Kathy Timperley, Mike Stinson, Willie Smith, Luella Corliss Shon, Barbara Schmitz, the late Lynn Samsel, Laura Salisbury, Marjorie Saiser, Claudia Reinhardt, Helen Holz Raikes, Amy Plettner, Charlene Neely, Deborah McGinn, Lynda Madison, Leo Kovar, Suzanne Kehm, Jan Kaufman, Heidi Hermanson, Neil Harrison, Twyla Hansen, Judy Greenwald, the late Irene Rose Gray, Shelly Clark Geiser, Marilyn Dorf, Karla Decker, Kristen Cass, Dianne Brown, Becky Breed, Pam Herbert Barger, and Lucy Adkins.  

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For more information, contact Deborah McGinn at dmcginn@inebraska.com  

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